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This video: Jay Gilbert prays for a man and his wrist is healed

Please remember that we are on the street or at other places where the people sometimes react negatively to the gospel. Therefore, the language and content in some of these videos is not suitable to watch for families with children.

Pictured Below: Paula having a conversation with a Satanist (the man with the long hair).

New! Paula shares some of her testimony coming out of witchcraft, as well as how she got to where she is today as a pastor, teacher, evangelist and former prophetic worship leader at OHOP 24/7 prayer room.

Touch of God Radio Show Recordings:
This show airs on Rejoice 1140 AM Radio, Saturday at 11:00 a.m. ET, with hosts Marc and Catrice Whelan. 

New! Jay speaks about unity in God on Aug 6, 2016.

Our latest recording on August 9, 2014.  We are discussing Paula's new book Be Still and Know That I AM God.  Paula reads a couple of excerpts from it, and then Jay teaches on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.
Until we can get this audio uploaded (it might be too long--having difficulty), here is the link to play it on the Touch of God Radio Website:

Earlier Recordings:

Please note: when we appeared on this show in 2011, we were under our former ministry name, which obviously we have now changed as God is transitioning us to a new season.

December of 2011.  The particular recording above is about the new revelation Jay and Paula have been receiving, as well as Paula's recent miraculous visitation from angels and Jesus.  The studio logger was malfunctioning, so the recording did not turn out very well, although the show aired fine.  But this recording can still be heard, and it is worth listening to once you get used to the initial noise.  Just click on play.

March of 2011.  In this audio, we are discussing evangelism and healing.


Photo Gallery:

Jay and his friend John were on their way downtown to preach, but the Holy Spirit told them to go to the Pulse Memorial. They went and met these people. After Jay prayed for the man with the crutches, his ankle was healed. John prayed for the man with the walker, and he also received healing for his foot. The older woman's back was restored after Jay received a  supernatural word of knowledge from the Lord about a bulging disc, and the young lady on the far right  was delivered of a migraine and rededicated her life to Jesus! Don't you just love divine appointments?


A young man receives Jesus as his savior and is born again


A woman shakes Paula's hand as she's preaching the gospel


A German Catholic stops to talk to Paula about God

A man asks Paula if he can lose his salvation


Mission Trip to Guatemala, 2010

We had a fruitful time.  Our hosts, who are preachers/pastors/church planters, translated into Spanish the preaching and teaching that Jay and I did there.  Other Guatemalan believers translated into Pokum Chi, one of the ancient native languages. We stayed wayyyyyy up in the mountains, and ministered to the village people.  There were healings and other gifts of the Spirit that took place, and many received the Holy Spirit baptism. All glory to JESUS!